“Freedom is a book for all of us who have struggled to deal with God’s “no” answers to our prayers. Written with warmth, candor and wisdom, Nancy shares how God has taught her to live in victory over difficult circumstances that are unchanging. Her message is powerful ---- there is freedom for those who choose to surrender to God’s plan, even when it is differs from our own and especially when it is painful. You will be blessed and challenged as you read this engaging book written by one of my heroes, Nancy Douglas.”

Annette Bartle
wife of Missouri Senator Matt Bartle

“Jesus said we will have troubles. In Freedom, Nancy Douglas shares her story clearly and honestly, as a friend over a cup of coffee, baring her soul, and helping the reader to recognize God's faithful presence and peace in the midst of trouble. Reminding you "Who" to take the shards of your broken dreams, Freedom attests that--just like the Douglas family—God will navigate the troubled waters of re-emerging guilt, grief, and disappointments, to guide you to peace with the "new normal" of life. Regardless of the trials God has allowed for your life, you will be encouraged by reading Freedom.”

Pam Sharitz-Tesch
Communications and Event Planning Professional

Dear Nancy,
It was a blessing to complete ‘Draw Me Near’ while serving as a missionary in Kenya, East Africa. Your willingness to open your heart and share from your own
personal examples enabled me to hear from God and make the changes I needed to make in my own life. I have been forever
changed by understanding how I am “the bride of Christ” and my life is a journey of preparing myself for Him.”
Kenya, Africa

Dear Nancy,
I was saved when I was 11 years old but fell away from the Lord when I was 20, only calling on Him occasionally when there was a big crisis in my life. Your bible study, along with four great friends, brought me back to the Lord. My relationship with Him is so strong now. As I was doing the study I could hear you talking to me and I felt like we had a personal friendship. Thank you for the impact your study has had on my life.
Independence, Missouri




Introduction to OLM

Meet Nancy Douglas from the Olive Leaf Ministries and learn about the ministry, how it got its name, and resources available.http://www.oliveleafministries.com/olmintro.mp4


New Release!

Freedom - Healing for Parents of Disabled Children


“With tears in my eyes and a bony finger pointing toward the heavens, I shouted my biggest grievance of all… “God why won’t you heal her?” In response He said, “Nancy, I won’t heal her for two reasons. First of all, you want her healed for you. You don’t want her healed so much for her sake as you want it for you. You want out. Second, I can do more through not healing her than if I do.” ----- Freedom.

In the pages of Freedom, Nancy Douglas candidly shares the pain, grief, and trials of having a disabled child. From the initial storm of discovering her daughter was Autistic, deaf, and Failure to Thrive, to the agony of knowing she would never receive physical healing, her compelling and honest account of life with a special needs child will transform the heart of all who read it. Walk with Nancy through the pages of her journey and discover for yourself the true and lasting freedom God has waiting for you!

Also Available - Draw Me Near
10-week Bible Study
draw me near bible study How is your intimacy with God? Is it all you want it to be? Better yet, is it all God wants it to be? Throughout history, man has struggled to achieve closeness with the heart of God. But there is more to intimacy with God than simply knowing who He is. The real secret lies within us and our willingness to be honest with Him. Honesty is the best policy. This is particularly true when seeking God.

This 10-week study is specifically designed to deepen your walk with God. Whether a seasoned Christian or brand new, Draw Me Near will help you draw closer to Him. The journey is challenging, fun, and enlightening as it takes you to places you've never been before. You'll begin your study on one shore only to find yourself on another as you embark on your new voyage with God.
Draw Me Near - Leader's Guide
draw me near leaders guide bible study This guide is specifically designed to teach you how to conduct a “Draw Me Neleaders guidear” Bible study in your own home, community, or church. It includes step-by-step directions on how to organize this study, how to conduct your first meeting, behind the scenes planning a leader should do between each class, and how to handle various situations that might come your way. It also provides you with weekly discussion questions and even gives you examples on what to write or say when following up with the women of your group.

Coming soon...
One Size Fits All - Discovering Your Perfect Fit for Spiritual Success

one size fits all


Are you dressed for spiritual success or has life left you tattered and torn? In One Size Fits All, discover how to prepare yourself each day by putting on the armor of God. Geared specifically for women, their unique needs, and love for fashion, this book is fun, enlightening, and sure to change your walk with God.  Look for it coming soon in a bookstore near you.







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Nancy Douglas

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Read Chapter One from "Freedom"

Something was wrong.  I sensed it moments after her birth.  She barely cried in the delivery room and hardly thereafter.  As the tension grew I began to probe each maternity nurse with the same question,  “Is she alright?” 


Read an excerpt from "Draw Me Near"

"Have you ever heard someone pray and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could pray like that?”

Read an excerpt from "Draw Me Near Leaders Guide"

"Have you ever heard someone pray and thought to yourself, “Wow, I wish I could pray like that?”



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